No censors for former Leona Lewis, reports

Leona Lewis has stated there is no keeping back for her and her music, after leaving the record label of Simon Cowell. Lewis, the ex X Factor UK winner, who is now with the Island Records, stated that she felt taken advantage of when she was signed to Syco company, of Simon.

In a Twitter video, that shows her in the studio, she told that she loved her new musical home. She told that this is like full circle, back to where she started, and why she started doing music. Having that creative freedom, she is going out there and doing her own thing.

Dee Snider clarifies his comments about Doug Aldrich

Recently, Dee Snider caught some intense adverse criticism for his negative comments made about former Doug Aldrich, the Whitesnake guitarist, as well as the current Kiss lineup, but as Twisted Sister band member argued at the Eddie Trunk Live that he was not just making idly negative remarks.

He said that he has already apologized to Doug and in fact he called himself a Jackass. Aldrich carried on and added that he is really tired of music artists who joined well known bands after their heyday stating that they are from those bands.

One Direction Member Liam Payne Urges Fans To Be More Humanitarian

Through a touchy message, singer Liam Payne of One Direction has appealed to his fans to be more charitable.

The 21-year-old singer took to Twitter in order to get the support of millions of fans and followers. He proposed to create long-lasting changes that will help those who are suffering from malnutrition and poverty. In an extended message, the singer mentioned that he doesn’t ever consider himself to be too good a person. However, with all the attention he feels like becoming more generous and humanitarian, which would certainly make him happy.

Leona Lewis appears angelic at Fayre of St James Christmas gig

Leona Lewis was really the star of the evening at Fayre of St James Christmas Concert arranged by the Quintessentially Foundation in assistance of Rays of Sunshine earlier on Thursday night.

The twenty-nine year old singer appeared angelic in white colored wrap attire along with shiny heels as she hit the stage to perform at carol concert.

Lewis, who penned a letter to her fans recently documenting the downs that she experienced after parting ways from Simon Cowell’s record company named Syco, took her page after the event to talk to fans regarding the progress.

Mary J. Blige lists Emeli Sande and Sam Smith for The London Sessions

After the release of her brand new track, Right Now, featuring Disclosure and Sam Smith, Mary J. Blige has declared a brand new project which also showcases some other talent from the United Kingdom. On London Sessions, the singer collaborates with UK stars including Emile Sande, Eg White, Naughty Boy, SAM ROMANS and Jimmy Napes in addition to Disclosure and Sam Smith.
According to reports, in a statement, she stated: “It’s all about the London Music scene and I’m so excited to have been part of it, to record my album,”