5 Worst Emo Songs

No. 5: "Be My Escape" by Reliant K

I really hate this song. Now I know if my friend Chris ever saw me trashing Reliant K, he would kill me. But my biggest problem with the song isn't that it is bad. It's that it TEASES you into thinking it is going to be a good song. The opening guitar riff sounds great and as the band starts to play, you think you are in for a great Thrice-like song, and then suddenly it stops. Vocals come on, the guitar line is changed, and suddenly it gets really bad. There is a great bridge also halfway through the song using a variation of that opening guitar line, but again, it gets ruined. This is the musical equivalent of a cock-tease.

No. 4: "The Last Sunrise" by Aiden

Before I get into the song I must talk about Aiden. First of all, the lead singer, WiL Francis is actually a pretty talented guy and watching these guys live at "Taste of Chaos" a few years ago, he is quite a frontman. He knows how to control a crowd and put on a great show. Having said that, "Rain in Hell" era Aiden is freakin' terrible. Everything from the sound, the presentation, and even the way they looked is idiotic (just look at that picture). The band has changed their style and sound to get out of that scene, and thank goodness for that.

One of the most annoying staples to really bad emo songs is when the music doesn't know what it wants to be. This sounds like a giant mish-mash of pop, metal, rock, punk, goth, and more de-tuned guitars than a Korn concert. The music video does not help or the fact that it eventually made it's way into the Twilight Soundtrack.

No. 3: "Until the Day I Die" by Story of the Year

Story of the Year is an interesting band. In terms of musical ability, they are pretty talented. Songs like "We Don't Care Anymore" and the cover of "Just Close Your Eyes" are actually pretty good songs. But sometimes it seems they are just outright lazy when it comes to songwriting. And nothing defines this cheesy, bad, and lame writing more than "Until the Day I Die". Because who else would of thought of such lyrics as "But if you died right now, you know that I'd die too" or "We'll make the same mistakes. I'll take the fall for you".

No. 2: "Untitled" by Simple Plan

Yes, I know Simple Plan is primarily a Pop-Punk band. Yes, I know the song was written for awareness of drunken driving. But this song is the quintessential emo song. The whole song just sounds like complaining and the lead singers whiny voice does not help matters. I don't think anything is more of a joke than taking the visual of a crying emo kid and just playing the song just as the chorus hits. "How Could This Happen to Me?" is a punchline now more than anything.

No. 1: "Niki FM" by Hawthorne Heights

While "Untitled" may be the defining emo song, Hawthorne Heights is the band that defines it more than anyone. Specifically, what is wrong with it. Whiny voices, terrible screaming, and lyrics that can be downright stereotypical like "Cut my Wrists and Black my Eyes". Even their instruments sounds sad to be playing music. And nothing quite defines Hawthorne Heights quite like "Niki FM". A semi tribute to "Say Anything" (The John Kusak movie, not the great modern alternative band) that is just awful. From the music, lyrics, and overall feel of the song, I simply hate it with a lot of passion.