Best 5 Emo Songs

No. 5: "Hold Me Down" by Motion City Soundtrack

Emo is about emotion above anything else. And while Motion City Soundtrack are best known for fun and almost wacky music, when called upon, they can use emotion. "Hold Me Down" is sang from the point of view of a man reading a letter his girlfriend left for him, with the opening lyric "I Found a letter that said 'I'm Sorry that You Were Asleep when I Wrote These Words Down'." It tells a somber story without having the music shove it in your face.

No. 4: "Last Train Home" by Lost Prophets

Lost Prophets are probably the most anthemic emo group around. While what they write about doesn't differ form the pack, the presentation leads you to picture a mob of people singing along. Whether it is "Rooftops" asking you to scream your heart out, or the under-rated and very musically nice "Wake Up", all their songs are anthems. And the creme' de la creme' of Lost Prophets songs is "Last Train Home". With a crowd of people singing along about having a reason to fall in love, this song can give you chills in a live setting.

No. 3: "Sic Transit Gloria...Gloria Fades" by Brand New

As of right now, if you called Brand New an emo group, you would be dead wrong. But you had a very good argument for that case a few years ago. You might even say they were one of the first to break out on the mainstream scene with the great single "The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows". While the group has evolved with every album they made, they were at the forefront of the emo scene during it's first major height. And when "Sic Transit Gloria" hit the scene, with it's overlying voices and downright creepy music video, it blew me away.

No. 2: "Blue & Yellow" by The Used

It is no secret to most that The Used was the first band that turned me on into the scene. The self-titled debut album was the first record that I liked every song front-to-back and they were a great filter to get into harder bands such as Underoath & Killswitch Engage. While I do enjoy the harder songs, what I feel is their best song is shockingly simple. With less than 15 lines of lyrics, the song is sung straightforward and does not force anything onto you. Sometime the best songs are the ones you don't put much work into.

No. 1: "A Decade Under the Influence" by Taking Back Sunday

If I were to say who my favorite band are, Taking Back Sunday would not be in the Top 10. When they first came on the scene with songs like "Cute without the E" they were rather generic. Nowadays with Fred Mascherino and Matt Rubano out of the lineup, they seem to be hit pretty hard and the music isn't very enjoyable. But records like "Where You Want to Be" and "Louder Now" really showed their musical presence and great songwriting. Adam Lazzara is a very talented frontman, and with the great guitar of Fred and insane bass-ability of Matt, they had an amazing sound.

Nothing quite defined both Taking Back Sunday and the emo scene quite like "A Decade under the Influence", a song that slowly picked up, calmed down, and went up again. With dueling vocals, great guitar playing, and an underlying lack of comfort thanks to the repeated use of the phrase "I've got a bad feeling about this", the song is my favorite song released that can be considered "emo". And I am damn proud to say that.