Dee Snider clarifies his comments about Doug Aldrich

Recently, Dee Snider caught some intense adverse criticism for his negative comments made about former Doug Aldrich, the Whitesnake guitarist, as well as the current Kiss lineup, but as Twisted Sister band member argued at the Eddie Trunk Live that he was not just making idly negative remarks.

He said that he has already apologized to Doug and in fact he called himself a Jackass. Aldrich carried on and added that he is really tired of music artists who joined well known bands after their heyday stating that they are from those bands.

Dee stated where he was coming from when he uploaded those tweets, telling that it all began when he drove past a billboard for Raiding the Rock Vault show in Las Vegas and saw it publicizing an appearance by “Doug Aldrich From Whitesnake.”

He saw that ad and thought these shows proclaim they have all these great music artists from these great bands. But for him, the question was ‘What important record did he play on?’ He came in the band in the year 2008. And the organizers claiming that he is an actual Whitesnake product irked him.

He also went on to argue that he commented because of his respect for the founding members of the band who got all the successes with the band in the old fashioned way. As he said that he never hit the road as “Twisted Sister” without the other band members.