I Miss You

While the "i miss you mixtape" is pretty cliche. It's been a focus of mine lately. There is a certain someone I miss so turn to music since it's all I have.

"Pleads and Postcards" - Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
"First Day Of My Life" - Bright Eyes
"Rescued" - Jack's Mannequin
"You Have My Attention"-Copeland
"Anywhere But Here" - Safetysuit
"Sleep Everyone" - Powerspace
"All My Loving" - The Beatles
"Oh, It is Love" - Hellogoodbye
"Dear God" - Avenged Sevenfold
"Miss You" - Between The Trees
"Landing Feet First" - Bayside
"Blue Carolina" - Alkaline Trio
"Say The Word" - The Classic Crime
"We're So Far Away" - Mae