Leona Lewis appears angelic at Fayre of St James Christmas gig

Leona Lewis was really the star of the evening at Fayre of St James Christmas Concert arranged by the Quintessentially Foundation in assistance of Rays of Sunshine earlier on Thursday night.

The twenty-nine year old singer appeared angelic in white colored wrap attire along with shiny heels as she hit the stage to perform at carol concert.

Lewis, who penned a letter to her fans recently documenting the downs that she experienced after parting ways from Simon Cowell’s record company named Syco, took her page after the event to talk to fans regarding the progress.

In her blog, she said that she had been waiting for very long to be told what is the next step is in her music career. Being guided by her earlier label in every way. It was just previous year when she realized that is not the way to make meaningful creations.

She added that one just could not put a date on inspiration, one does not know when and where it would come from, it is just something that one feels. She hardly knew that this would spark something inside her that would be the start of her next record.

Meanwhile actor Hugh Grant looked handsome as ever in a heavy winter coat as he took to the pulpit to talk the crowd. Tanya Burr, the well known beauty blogger, who looked just elegant in an all black dress, could not hold her excitement at being in the Church with the actor. She took to Twitter and said: “Never thought I'd be sat in church with Hugh Grant sitting infront of me! #fayreofstjames.