Leona Lewis Confesses Being a Nerd

In the homecoming show at Hackney Radio 1 academy superstar Leona Lewis and Labyrinth share their thoughts. The 2006 X-Factor show winner told the audience that she was a bit of nerd.

On being asked why she felt so, she confessed that she was bullied a lot which made her focus more and more on music. She believes in hard work as she said, “To make it happen, one needs to be focused and dedicated.”

Leona also revealed her most personal song on the show. The song ‘Yesterday’ from her first album is known to have touched her the most. “The song is special to me and my father. It speaks about the deepest emotional things I’ve ever felt”, says Leona. Leona did not know if she wanted to insert the song in the album but her father persuaded her in the end.

Leona as also asked by the young pupil as to what she felt when she turned famous. Leona revealed that it was only when she heard her car driver humming her song as he drove her to an interview. The car driver was unaware that the passenger he is carrying is the singer of the song he is singing and that amused Leona a lot.

Leona reportedly laughed out saying, “That’s my song!” Leona revealed she freaked out and disclosed her identity to the driver as she was so happy to hear her song.
Fans will be delighted to know that Leona Lewis has returned to the talent show The X-Factor as a guest judge! Leona is all excited to be in her hometown where she began her career six years ago.