Leona Lewis Releases a New Video- ‘Fireflies’

The talented British born singer songwriter has dropped a new video. The video is a lyrical for the song “Fireflies” from her third studio album Glassheart. “Fireflies” will be the second single that will be released. Lewis sings the ballad marvelously. The melody of this song is peppy and majestic which will surely have the play it over and over on their iPod.

The ballad singer earlier found that the listeners worldwide were getting quite bored to her style, though she went close to the heights of Mariah but her songs were disappearing fast from the racks. Her manger warned urged for some drastic change that would bring Leona back on stage. Thus came out the album “Glassheart” on 15th October.

This album has made Leona free of the barriers of ballad that held her. It re-launched the 27 year old as a dance diva. This album happens to be a more subtle version and proved to be ahead of its time with club records in some of the songs. The production of this album has also turned out to be top one. Critics believe that this album could make things better for Leona in the United States.