Leona Lewis Working with Fraser Smith

British singer-songwriter and X factor UK 2006 winner Leona Lewis has appointed producer/songwriter Fraser T Smith to work with her in her third album, “Glassheart”.

The album is scheduled for release in UK on 26th November 2012. Fraser is well-known for co-writing and producing the Adele single “Set Fire to the Rain”. This one is from Adele’s Grammy Winning Album. Fraser is also the songwriter/producer of James Morrison’s “Broken Strings” and Cruz’s “Break your Heart”.

A reliable source told the Daily Mirror that the executives of the album are fully supportive of their precious and remunerative X factor winner. Frasers have produced some great songs before and it is said by others that he has something of a Midas Touch. This is a fact. Some of those who are credited for the last album were absent this time, but that does not matter for Fraser. Leona, too, is excited with the whole thing and is waiting desperately for the results. Everyone is saying that this could be Leona’s biggest hit yet.

On a recent interview with Daily Mirror, Smith commented that working with Lewis is simply amazing. He also said that people already have preconceptions of what Leona is but, this album will explore her talent in a different way for sure.

The album “Glassheart” was scheduled before to release in the year 2011 but suddenly the date postponed. In 2011, Lewis released an EP entitled Hurt, which became No 8 hit in the UK chart. The title track of the album is her version of the popular Nine Inch Nail song. Leona fans are waiting desperately for the album to release.