Leona Lewis has made a personal request to everybody asking to end the pain and suffering of animals that are used in the testing of cosmetics.

The 26-year old singer who belted out major hits such as ‘Bleeding Love’ and ‘Hurt’ has personally sent a letter and Valentine's card to John Dalli, European Commissioner for Health and Consumer Policy asking him to support the Humane Society International's CrueltyFree2013 campaign which protests against animal testing.

Leona says like just like any other girl she also loves to use make-up. However her ethical principles are very important to her. She says that she is not going to use any eye-liners, lipsticks or any other cosmetic ingredients that would involve testing on animals. She believes that her own pleasure should not come before the death and suffering of helpless animals.

She says that cosmetic tests done on animals often kill hundreds of them, even though safe ingredients may be used to prepare cosmetics which would ensure that no animals die due to animal testing. Leona believes that it is important to prevent animal suffering outside the European Union, just like it is made a law inside the Union. Not doing anything to protect these animals while making animal protection laws would then only just amount to hypocrisy.

Leona is one of the many well known celebrities who have signed the online petition for CrueltyFree2013. Other notable names to sign on this petition are Dame Judi Dench, Sir Roger Moore, Ricky Gervais and Melanie C.
The European Union prohibited animal testing for cosmetics in 2009. However many ingredients sold in EU shops are still tested on animals.