Lucky Boys Confusion

Lately I've been listening to Lucky Boys Confusion quite a bit, they are one unique band. Lucky Boys Confusion fuses mellow reggae with fast paced pop punk to create a unique blend of creativity. The band consists of bassist Jason Schultejann, drummer Ryan Fergus, vocalist Kaustubh (Stubhy) Pandav, guitarist/vocalist Adam Krier, guitarist Joe Sell.

The band started in 1997 and is here to stay. Like I've said before, The PunkStop Music Blog is all about bands with talent and Lucky Boys Confusion has plenty of it. Reggae is one of my most favorite musical genres and whenever a modern pop punk band adds some reggae to their sound, you know you can expect something unique and brilliant. So If you want to find a new band to listen to that creates a unique blend of reggae and punk, keep reading and make sure to check out Lucky Boys Confusion.