No censors for former Leona Lewis, reports

Leona Lewis has stated there is no keeping back for her and her music, after leaving the record label of Simon Cowell. Lewis, the ex X Factor UK winner, who is now with the Island Records, stated that she felt taken advantage of when she was signed to Syco company, of Simon.

In a Twitter video, that shows her in the studio, she told that she loved her new musical home. She told that this is like full circle, back to where she started, and why she started doing music. Having that creative freedom, she is going out there and doing her own thing.

She also took a jab at her former label. She added that a lot of people were telling her how to be and how to act, and what to say. You must be able to do whatever you want to do and express yourself. No one is one-dimensional. She would say whatever it is she want to say and she is not going to compromise herself any more. She is not going to censor myself.

Leona Lewis won the contest in 2006, also shared a short video clip of her new single Fire. The thirty year old singer, who had hit tracks like A Moment Like This and Bleeding Love in his kitty, declared her split from Simon’s Syco record label and a new contract with Universal’s Island Records back in September.