Leona Lewis has had a wonderful singing career so far. Starting from her winning stint at “The X Factor” in 2006, the British singer has belted out hits like the 'Happy' and 'Run'. The 26-year old star has already sold more than 10 million albums worldwide, thanks to her highest selling single 'Bleeding Love' which ranked number one in nearly 30 different countries.

Emo vs Scene

Many people wonder what the difference is between emo and scene. Unlike the question, "Which came first, the chicken or the egg?", this is rather easy to answer. In terms of labels, emo came first. But what is emo and how did scene come from it?

Emo kids are different from scene kids, though it's often hard to tell them apart. For the most part, emo kids keep dark colored hair, usually black or dark brown. Though they are outgoing in their own groups, they are more shy publicly. Emo kids tend to stick with their own groups, are more artistic in nature, and enjoy the calmer things in life.

I Miss You

While the "i miss you mixtape" is pretty cliche. It's been a focus of mine lately. There is a certain someone I miss so turn to music since it's all I have.

"Pleads and Postcards" - Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
"First Day Of My Life" - Bright Eyes
"Rescued" - Jack's Mannequin
"You Have My Attention"-Copeland
"Anywhere But Here" - Safetysuit
"Sleep Everyone" - Powerspace
"All My Loving" - The Beatles
"Oh, It is Love" - Hellogoodbye
"Dear God" - Avenged Sevenfold
"Miss You" - Between The Trees
"Landing Feet First" - Bayside
"Blue Carolina" - Alkaline Trio

Lucky Boys Confusion

Lately I've been listening to Lucky Boys Confusion quite a bit, they are one unique band. Lucky Boys Confusion fuses mellow reggae with fast paced pop punk to create a unique blend of creativity. The band consists of bassist Jason Schultejann, drummer Ryan Fergus, vocalist Kaustubh (Stubhy) Pandav, guitarist/vocalist Adam Krier, guitarist Joe Sell.

Written In Ink

Recently I was given a chance to interview local Melbourne band Written In Ink.

Written In Ink are a three piece Rock band, based out of Melbourne Australia.

Written In Ink consists of :

Adam: Lead Guitar/Vox, Joe: Drums, Chirs:Bass/Vox

You can visit there myspace page Here

Now here is what the boys had to say:

How long have you been playing?
as a band writtien in ink formed in mid 2007. as individuals we’ve all fairly experinced in music. all been in various bands in the past.

How did you get into playing music?
Joe: Mama gave me 2 spoons and I started from there.