Rob-Kristen Saga

Hollywood actor Rob Pattinson is grief-stricken after news about his girlfriend actor Kristen Stewart cheating on him surfaced. He has been bugged by the constant public intrusion in his life. As result of which he is considering to quit movies. Pattinson’s girl had been involved with Rupert sanders, director, which naturally stunned him.

Rob is hurt and wants to leave this world of stardom as he has realized the fake showbiz. According to some source, Rob can live lavishly with the money he has earned. He has the prowess to earn millions as he has the acting skills and can always resort back to it. His trust was betrayed which was an eye-opener for him.

It has been reported that Kristen on the other hand is trying to cope with the situation of having cheated on him. She has been reading Mahatma Gandhi’s writings to pacify her soul. She is guilty and unable to forgive what she has done. Her fling with Rupert Sanders, the director of Snow White and the Huntsman became public and this created rifts between both.

Not just that, Kristen has even found security in the teddies gifted to her by Rob. With the scandal doing the rounds, she is unnerved. She has even made public appearance with those toys in Toronto film Festival, as was reported. According to a source, her obsession with Rob’s gifts has heightened so much that she even sleeps cuddling to those. She is doing all sorts of things like wearing Rob’s T-shirt in full public view, as she is missing the actor.