Written In Ink

Recently I was given a chance to interview local Melbourne band Written In Ink.

Written In Ink are a three piece Rock band, based out of Melbourne Australia.

Written In Ink consists of :

Adam: Lead Guitar/Vox, Joe: Drums, Chirs:Bass/Vox

You can visit there myspace page Here

Now here is what the boys had to say:

How long have you been playing?
as a band writtien in ink formed in mid 2007. as individuals we’ve all fairly experinced in music. all been in various bands in the past.

How did you get into playing music?
Joe: Mama gave me 2 spoons and I started from there.
Adam: followed my dad, he was a lead singer in a band.
Chris: Come from a musical family but chose bass because everyone wanted to play guitar.

Who are your idols in music, what band’s have influenced or inspired you?
Adam: Bon Jovi and bands that have influenced me are bands such as guns n roses. motley crue.
Joe: Pearl Jam and Chilli Peppers
Chris: Sam Rivers mainly. He was the bassist of Limp Bizkit. Good control of drive and all. Very moody sound.

Where is the one place you’ve always wanted to play?
Adam: Rod Laver, Vodafone Arena or any hard rock cafe in america.
Joe: MCG, Telstra dome some massive sporting arena would be a dream.
Chris: Somewhere european… and maybe japan.

If you are (or have) going (gone) to college, what would you major in?
Adam: I don’t know? Something to do with sport.
Joe: Women. OH YEAH!
Chris: I’d be a video gaming guru dude. And chuck on loads of weight. YEAH.

What’s your Favorite Website?
Adam: Myspace.com,
Soccernet Joe: youtube.com
Chris: something with porn. lol

How long have you been playing?
Adam: 10 years
Joe: 20 years
Chris: A few years

What other bands have you played with & how (if at all) have they influenced you ?
The Invitation. They’re a super tight band

Where have you played so far?
Espy, revolver and cubby house just to name a few…

Plans for the future ?
Adam: Write, Record, Play Shows. Be happy
Joe: Make heaps of cash.
Chris: I want to be happy… and make cash too. while being happy and good to people!

I want to thank the boys for there time, and encourage you all to check them out!